The Mitsubishi Chemical Group at the K-Show 2022

Visit the Mitsubishi Chemical Group at the K-Show 2022, the world's number one trade fair for plastics and rubber, to find out how our innovative specialty materials are empowering our customers to drive their transformation toward a more sustainable, recycling-oriented society.

Spotlight sustainability Driving the green transformation

Change is never easy, but the need for transformation is clear. That’s why, at the K-Show 2022, our presence will heavily focus on specialty materials that support an optimized recycling-oriented society, to secure the sustainable wellbeing of people, society, and planet earth.

This evolution to a better version of our industries will not happen overnight. It is a delicate process of growing into something new. The way trees grow, branch by branch, twig by twig, leaf by leaf. 

We are committed, with all our resources, to create better sustainable solutions to enable this future. We are ready to lead this transformation journey using the power of chemistry.

Our sustainability solutions
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Our solutions at your finger tips Interact with innovative new products from the Mitsubishi Chemical Group

Visit the Mitsubishi Chemical Group pavilion at the K-Show to explore our portfolio of materials and solutions for a wide range of industries. 

With six touchscreens positioned around our booth, you'll have our innovative material solutions at your fingertips in high-definition 3D. Browse our product details, with application examples ranging from next generation mobility to state-of-the-art packaging. 

Looking for something specific? Have a question about how our products can deliver performance and sustainability gains in your application, or the positive environmental impact they could make? Our experts are on site and ready to assist you.

Industry Segments

Innovative material solutions for your industry

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is a leading manufacturer with a broad range of materials and solutions, supporting customers in all major business fields all over the world. At the K-Show, we will particularly focus on the following key industries:

Mobility & electric vehicles

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is dedicated to the automotive industry with R&D aimed at interior, exterior and functional applications, as well as solutions for autonomous and electrified vehicles. Our focus is on developing and bringing to market lightweight, sustainable materials for the automotive industry needs of today and the future.

Our leading portfolio for automotive includes lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, composites, high performance TPOs and PPs, TPEs and TPVs, and engineering plastics. As your solution-driven partner, we bring together high-performance MATERIALS, engineering PROCESSES and innovative DESIGN expertise to create automotive exterior and tailgates with bold, distinctive styling and new levels of functional integration.


Packaging & films

The quickly globalizing packaging market needs strong global partners with a sustained commitment to the industry. The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is a truly global company with manufacturing sites all over the world. Our extensive experience in the packaging industry, supported by long-term strategy and investments, makes us strong and dependable partners. 

We meet the tremendous pressure on the industry for more environmentally friendly materials with a range of innovative products offering enhanced processing properties and added value at all levels of the supply chain:

  • High functionality for packaging weight and resource reduction
  • High gas barrier properties and chemical resistance
  • Adhesion and compatibility
  • Biobased products
  • Compostable solutions (organic recycling) for waste recovery and reduction
  • Films with high PCR-content
  • Films for mono-material packaging 
  • Full range of materials to design compostable barrier structures.

Medical & healthcare

The medical and healthcare sector is an increasingly complex industry. Our customers rely on our technologies and solutions, created using highly specified materials, innovative engineering capabilities, product development expertise, services, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing sites.

As a world leading chemical company, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group offers a full range of solutions, from high-performance materials to development and production, and numerous services for healthcare. Through our close cooperation with medical device manufacturers, we understand the technical compliance and regulatory aspects associated with the use of polymers in medical and Life Science applications, including materials for medical implants. With the Mitsubishi Chemical Group you benefit from the right technical choice supported by regulatory and compliance expertise.


Technology, innovation & other markets

Through our extensive global collaboration and experience, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group companies are uniquely positioned to meet the changing demands of many industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, packaging, building and construction, additive manufacturing, consumer, display and electronics, and many more.

We meet the tremendous pressure for more environmentally friendly materials with a variety of innovative products with enhanced processing properties. Operating a global network of interconnected R&D centres, we offer both proximity to individual markets and also share technical expertise and best practices.

Our technical service and development teams will help you to select the right materials from our comprehensive portfolio to ensure you benefit from the best and most cost-effective solution for your application.

Where to find us Pay us a visit in Düsseldorf

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group will be at the K-Show at the Messe Düsseldorf from October 19-26, 2022. You can find the Mitsubishi Chemical Group pavilion (building 04.1) in the outside area of Hall 4

Come and visit us to find out more about our latest ideas around materials and solutions, and discover how we can help you solve the growing demand for circular solutions.

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